Just to make those who care aware…

Shortly after my most recent post, which I’ll admit is not that recent, my computer decided to collapse on me.

This was fairly annoying (more for me than anyone else). I’ve been keeping track of the things I’ve seen and considered the entirely self indulgent approaches I could take when I eventually gain the ability to write them down. I am roughly two and a half countries behind though so even my said self indulgence will be stretched to the limit.

Worry not, I am not about to set up a go fund me page or anything along those lines but I am going to purchase a replacement when I reach Lima.

I’m taking a bus to the Peruvian capital on Monday so prepare yourself physically and mentally for an onslaught of toilet reading which will be heading to your inbox (if you’ve bothered to subscribe) very soon.

Moustache update: My lip covering has entered a new stage of development. So much so that I can now, to the dismay of the majority of my peers, pensively twiddle it whilst pretending to listen to conversations. It has moved swiftly from a Tom Selleck broom head into something between Kaiser Wilhelm the second and Salvador Dali.

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