The Adventure

Thanks for visiting my page, the reasons for its existence are fairly self explanatory for the most part but I’ll fill you in on the rest below.

So, I am a member of a community which has recently embarked on a steep upward trajectory of engagement and is as a result really gaining a foothold in contemporary society. This community is obviously that of the “moustachioed man”.

I decided in May that I had reached a time in my life where I wanted to get out in the world and visit places I never knew existed, meet people I’ve never heard of and generally build up a backlog of stories that I will be able to pass on for the rest of my life.

The plan is to start in Colombia and gradually work my way south taking the moustache to the South American masses. Countries on the list from here are Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.

This page is not the standard travel blog. Any posts that do make it onto here will not be loaded with information about how to do things, prices and things to avoid. The majority of my posts will be simply covering what I’ve done, where I’ve been and, most importantly, the mistakes I’ve made along the way.

Please do not expect posts to be regular or to broach any real issues other than my own idiocy.